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TexCad is a powerful software tool to design woven shirt and suit fabrics. The user-friendly interface helps the designer to get hands on in minutes. It is a “ must have “ tool for mills, garment manufacturers, textile merchants and freelance textile designers, who need to create their seasonal design collections.

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Tex3D is a MS Windows application to create realistic 3D presentations that help drape a fabric or print image onto a  garment or an accessory model. It is simple to use and learn. Most of the tasks are achieved by a mouse click or drag-drop. You can quickly create your seasonal catalogs for presentation.

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Texture is a MS Windows application to simulate various kinds of surfaces (like knit structures) on a image like a print design or a custom color stripe. It adds life to the image which would otherwise look very flat. Create a stripe pattern (inside the software) or use a ready image to produce realistic fabric images for quick approval.

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View3D is a MS Windows application to drape a fabric or print image on a ready model (that was created on Tex3D). Using multiple material images you can quickly create very realistic  seasonal catalogs. Users get hands-on in minutes with the easy and interactive interface. This product is very useful to fabric manufacturers for a quick mock-up view on a model.

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