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Technograph Infotech Solutions was founded in 1990 to develop specialized software applications for the fashion and garment industry. It is our constant endeavor to create software solutions that encourage designers to work the way they think.

Technograph Infotech Services, an associate firm was founded to specialize in the marketing of our software products and provide software installation, on-site training and second-to-none support services to our esteemed customers.

Our first product by the name of TexCad, was released in 1990. It is a user-friendly application for the MS Windows platform to quickly create a collection woven fabric designs using solid and fancy yarns in various counts and weaves. The realistic results of TexCad were greatly appreciated by the weaving and garment industry. Since then this product has evolved into a ‘Must Have’ tool for every professional woven fabric designer.

We now have a wide range of software solutions for the fashion and garment industry. Our software applications run on the very affordable PC computers and laptops.

Our products require little or no learning to get hands-on.

To provide the Fashion, Garment and Fabric industry with solutions that :

  1. speed-up the design approval and feedback cycles,

  1. create trend-setting collections that ultimately convert to orders and profit,

  1. save precious money and time on design development and communication,

  1. allow users to get hands-on with little or no training.

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